Oval Stone Resin Bathtub


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Luxurious Stone Resin Bathtub – an elegantly crafted bathing oasis designed to elevate your bathroom experience. The perfect blend of modern design and natural materials, this bathtub delivers functionality, durability, and style.

Quality Materials: The bathtub is made from a superior blend of natural stone minerals and acrylic polymers, solid and durable.100% eco-friendly, non-toxic material, good for your living environment.
Insulating Properties: The stone resin material ensures that your bathwater retains its heat for a longer, more relaxing, and enjoyable soak.
Easy to Clean and Maintain: The non-porous, solid surface of the stone resin is resistant to stains, bacteria, and mold.
Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic, slip-resistant contours of the bathtub provide optimal comfort and support, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate in peace.
Stylish Appearance: The sleek, modern design of the stone resin bathtub will complement any bathroom décor, providing a premium, spa-like aesthetic that will elevate your home’s style.
Spacious Bathing Area: The generous dimensions of the bathtub ensure a spacious and inviting bathing experience, perfect for both solo or shared relaxation.
Easy Installation: With its lightweight and easily maneuverable construction, the installation of our stone resin bathtub is quick and straightforward, making it a convenient choice for your bathroom renovation or update.

Specification( Length x Width x Height):
1300x680x560 mm / 51×26.7×22 inch
1400x780x560 mm / 55×30.7×22 inch
1500x780x560 mm / 59×30.7×22 inch
1600x780x560 mm / 63×30.7×22 inch
1700x780x560 mm / 67×30.7×22 inch
1800x900x560 mm / 70.8×35.4×22 inch


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Shape: No selection


Color: No selection

Black, Grey, Pink, Beige, White

Tub Length: No selection

130 cm(51"), 140 cm(55"), 150 cm(59"), 160 cm(63"), 170 cm(67"), 180 cm(71")

Over Flow: No selection


Drain Location: No selection

Bottom Center

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